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10 Signs of Infidelity

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If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, you are likely experiencing a variety of emotions, trying to spot the signs and wondering if they’re all just coincidences or whether the worst really has come to pass. There is no right answer, and there are no guarantees. However, there are some signs within a relationship that point to infidelity, and it might help you to reference them to make sure you’re on the right path.

Number one on the list of signs is when a spouse becomes emotionally distant, withdrawn or depressed. Most cheating spouses often exhibit this symptom. They become uninterested in their spouse, the family and family friends, living their lives with their own agendas. They show no interest in improving their marital circumstances and are averse to getting help or consultation.

Number two on the list of signs is the fact that unfaithful spouses often become angry, cruel and emotionally abusive. They often blame the faithful spouses for driving them to cheat and, therefore, feel justified for being constantly angry and disrespectful.

The number three sign on the list is control. The unfaithful spouse often begins to demand space and offer ultimatums about the way things are, challenging the faithful spouse to abide by their rules or leave.

The fourth sign is the increase of late working hours, late meetings and business trips out of town for prolonged periods of time.

The fifth sign is when an unfaithful spouse starts paying more attention to their appearance. For instance, suddenly buying new clothes, going to the gym, dieting and losing weight to look good for the new person in their lives.

The sixth of the signs of infidelity is showing more energy and zeal for life, doing things they’ve never done before or a sudden interest in a new hobby or sport. Interestingly enough this sign is often accompanied by a contrasting lack of energy or depression.

Becoming inappropriately defensive when asked questions, is number seven on our list of the signs of infidelity. This is likely due to feelings of guilt and fear of being caught, which often result in lashing out at the slightest provocation.

The eighth sign is the increase of unusual questions about the faithful spouse’s whereabouts.

The ninth sign is extra secrecy around communication devices such as phones, computers and iPads. Sudden changes of passwords, the need to hide screens and berating the faithful spouse for standing over their shoulder when they are texting, are all causes for suspicion.

The tenth sign is sexual relations. Unfaithful spouses often exhibit a lack of interest in keeping up physical relations with the faithful spouse as their sexual needs are being met elsewhere.

If your spouse exhibits all or most of these signs, there is cause for suspicion. However, do keep in mind that your partner could exhibit all these signs and still not be having an affair. What you choose to do if you suspect your spouse is having an affair is ultimately up to you. If you want to inform yourself of what a separation may look like, speak with us at (416) 961-6111 x 31.

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Cheryl Goldhart and the team of lawyers at Goldhart & Associates work exclusively in the area of family law. They have the experience and dedication to assist clients achieve their objectives.

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