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A Family Lawyer’s First Blog

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Having practiced family law for almost 25 years I have seen a great deal of change; the most significant being the use of technology in practice. Initially, I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to a keyboard to type anything rather than dictate my work. Having never properly learned to type at school I was faced with the prospect of learning on the job. Well, many years later I know where to put my fingers on the keys and can type my thoughts without looking at my hands. I am relatively proficient with my blackberry as well, but I had to train my thumbs to type, which was a new skill set.

I have come this far to now (somewhat late in the day) be faced with communicating with my clients almost exclusively by email and through my website and now being requested by my very young associates and staff to “blog”, which is a term I have only relatively recently become aware of. There is also tweeting, but no one is suggesting that I do that, probably because no one could possibly be interested in what is happening in my life and mind on an hourly basis.

So I begin my life as a blogger (is that a real word yet). I am told that I can write about anything. Given that this blog will appear regularly on my website, it will focus on issues related to family law and of interest to people who are consumers of family law services or provide them. I plan to write about important or interesting cases, services available to the family law consumer within and outside the court system and general musing about family law and the characters (no names of course) that I encounter on a regular basis.

I hope you join me in my voyage into the blog world and look forward to any comments (good and bad) that anyone wishes to share with me.

-Cheryl Goldhart

About the Author

Cheryl Goldhart and the team of lawyers at Goldhart & Associates work exclusively in the area of family law. They have the experience and dedication to assist clients achieve their objectives.

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