Raveena Ravindrarajan

Raveena attended law school at the University of Liverpool in England, where she completed the Law with French program and obtained her L.L.B. She joined Goldhart Law soon after her Call to the Bar in 2023.

Raveena knew Family Law was the field for her when she decided to pursue law. She is eager to help families navigate the judicial system to find amicable solutions. She also empathizes with her clients whilst keeping a cool head to make sure their matters are dealt with as efficiently as possible.

Raveena is able to assist with issues such as property division, spousal support, child support, and parenting time. She is fluent in Tamil and welcomes Tamil-speaking clients.

Though she insists she is an ambivert, those that know her tell her she’s an extrovert to the core. She is an avid dancer, and Tamil-movie fan.

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