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Top 5 Reasons for Divorce in Canada

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Divorce lawyers everywhere will vouch for the fact that they’ve heard every possible reason for divorce. While every individual has their own story, there are a few common reasons that emerge. Unsurprisingly, money is one of the top reasons for divorce, followed by infidelity.

According to a poll by the Bank of Montreal (TSX: BMO), 68% of those surveyed say fighting over money would be their top reason for divorce. This is hardly surprising as money is also a major point of conflict during the divorce proceedings. The blame often begins when budgets go awry within the household, escalating into constant arguments, followed by the decision to file for divorce. In times of recession, this particular issue becomes more prominent.

The second most common reason for divorce is infidelity. However, it is strongly tied with other underlying reasons including: anger, resentment, having varied interests, growing apart, or unequal sexual appetites. These cases can be more aggressive, as betrayal tends to lead spouses into feelings of revenge, anger and resentment.

The third most common reason for divorce is falling out of love. People often think that falling out of love is simply a matter of spouses not finding each other attractive anymore, but the reasons are deeper than that. In today’s age of constant multi-tasking, work, money, and raising a family, prioritizing the maintenance of a healthy relationship between spouses often falls to the bottom of the list.

Opposites may attract, but in relationships, they are just as likely to repel later on. Lack of compatibility is the fourth most common reason for divorce. When the initial euphoria of romance fades away, people often realize that being on completely different pages can lead to an unhappy marriage. When couples don’t see eye to eye on common goals and objectives, it is likely to fester into resentment, frustration and detachment – especially when lack of compatibility renders both parties incapable of communicating properly, making family decisions and enjoying each other’s companionship.

Domestic abuse might not be the top most common reasons for divorce, but it is not uncommon. Statistics show that every year, there are over 40,000 arrests made due to domestic violence in Canada. Alcohol is one of the biggest culprits of such negative spousal behavior as statistics indicate that 25-50% of domestic abuse takes place during a period when alcohol has been consumed.

Many couples may want to try marriage counselling/couples therapy if one of the reasons above has started to dominate their relationships. If however, the reasons for the strain in the relationship cannot be solved, you should speak with a family law lawyer to know your rights.

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Cheryl Goldhart and the team of lawyers at Goldhart & Associates work exclusively in the area of family law. They have the experience and dedication to assist clients achieve their objectives.

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