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Travel Consent Letters

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If you and your former spouse have joint custody of your children, or if your former spouse has sole custody of your child or children, you will need a notarized travel consent of you want to travel with the children outside of the country.

Your child may also need a notarized travel consent if he or she is traveling alone or with friends, relatives, or a group.

This document is not legally required in Canada, but it can simplify the travel process when crossing borders (or even when returning to Canada).

The Government of Canada provides a frequently asked questions about consent letter which you can access here ( It also provides a sample travel consent form which you can access here (
Regardless of the form of the consent, you want to include the following information, then have your signature, and the signature of your ex-spouse notarized:

  • The children’s full names and birth dates;
  • Their passport numbers;
  • The legal names of the traveling child’s parents;
  • The purpose of their trip, destination, and contact information including name address and telephone number for their accommodations;
  • The child’s transportation carrier information (airline, flight number, departure and arrival time)
  • The name and contact information for any adult traveling with them;
  • Their departure date and return date

If you need some assistance completing a travel consent letter, or if you need information about whether you require a travel consent letter, you should speak with a family law lawyer.

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